Hi, I’m Bill.

What is this, a baking blog?

Kind of, and not really! Every week, I’ll drop a new recipe (and links to some other stuff I’m reading, watching, drinking, and listening to). It’s called “a piece of cake” because most of it’s going to be easy, and all of it’s going to be enjoyable. You can get some of it for free, but paid subscribers get full access to the newsletter (as in… every recipe).

New recipes drop every week.

A new recipe, from me, every week, sent directly to your inbox. People who pay for a subscription get all the recipes. Free subscribers get… less! Some baked stuff, some cocktails, and some weeknight dinners. Probably chicken. And definitely dog pictures.

A Piece of Cake is written by Bill Clark and edited by Andrew Spena. Photography by Hunter Abrams. Logo design by Brett LaBauve.

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